Snake Color Hunter Puts Color-Match Enthusiasts on the Prowl


"Designing a really good arcade game takes time and creativity," said CloverIOSGames games developer Hugo Guerreiro in an announcement of about the company's new game color-matching game. "I think gamers will appreciate the many challenges in mastering Snake Color Hunter.

Snake Color Hunter is a simple, pick up and play game that simulates the slow, serpentine movement of a snake. Moving the width of a single ball each time, colored balls move from the snake's tail to its head. Players fire colored balls at the procession when it pauses, and matching two or more balls of the same color removes them, leaving behind splattered snake blood. Balls fired may miss the snake completely, or they may join the single-file, curving line of balls on their way toward the head. When the line of colored balls have finally inched their way all the way to the head of the snake, the game ends. Players are scored on the basis of how much damage they have done to the snake.

There is a long string of colored balls offscreen. At the start of Snake Color Hunter, this line of unconnected balls with no gaps between them begins to descend from the top left of the screen along a winding course that will take it to the top right. The balls advance one step (the diameter of one ball) and stop, advance and stop, until they reach the snake's mouth, which ends the game. The two-second pause before the line of balls moves again, is the time when players must look to see what color ball is loaded, and find the best place to shoot it, and then touch the target area to fire before the balls move ahead again.

There is barely enough time to figure out that best target, especially when the line gets long. Three or more balls of the same color arranged sequentially are much easier to spot than a grouping of two balls. That is part of the challenge of Snake Color Hunter - finding the target grouping fast enough. Another challenge is trying to create groupings. If the ball to be fired is green and there are no green groupings of two or more, it is to the player's advantage to fire next to a single green ball in the hopes that it will enter the line next to the green ball. Now, the player is prepared when the next green ball is available to be fired.

Advanced players will learn the intricacies of touch targeting and removing single color groupings directly adjacent to a grouping fired on using a single shot. Balls come in five different colors: red, green, blue, yellow, and purple. After a grouping of balls has been removed, the line of balls moves backward to close the gap created. In this way, it is possible to delay the line of balls from ever reaching its goal. Points and bonuses appear on the scoreboard during gameplay, so players can judge how well they are playing during the game.

Snake Color Hunter Game Highlights:
⇒ Classic, color-match, touch control arcade game
⇒ Keep an eye on the line of balls, their position, and the color ball to be fired
⇒ Optional soundtrack adds to the adventure of snake hunting
⇒ Challenging but simple premise builds hand/eye coordination
⇒ Try to keep playing more than two minutes before the game ends

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