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Snake Returns
Developer: mobivention GmbH
Price: free Download on the App Store

mobivention lets Snake Returns go on hunt in a new glow design. This classic retro game is for lovers of the hungry snake from the 80's and due to new features also for others. The basic version of Snake Returns is available for free for iPhone, iPod and iPad in the Apple App Store. A premium is available with additional features.

The game play of the retro remake from the 80's is quite simple: The player navigates the snake to eat as many eggs as possible. The more eggs the snake eats the longer it grows and the more difficult it gets. A new game mode guarantees great entertainment for hours. In this Eat mode the snake has to consume a certain number of eggs without colliding with one of the dangerous obstacles.

With each level it becomes more challenging to avoid the dangerous obstacles, but helpful Power Ups which can manipulate the growth of the snake show up from time to time. A great new game play experience is offered by using three ways of control which have not been available in the former times of black and white displays. Additional Power Ups can be downloaded via in-app purchase.

Snake Returns includes the following features:
- 2 game modes Eat & Survive
- 3 control options
- 4 different worlds with 24 challenging levels
- Power Ups to manage difficult levels
- Game Center, Heyzap and OpenFeint integration

Additionally, several in-app purchases are available to bring exciting features into the game:
- More game designs 'Retro', 'Robo' and 'Toy'
- More Power Ups

Snake Returns 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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