Snoop Pack for Viddy Helps Users Let Loose Their Inner Dogg

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Snoop Dogg Video Effects for Viddy

Snoop Pack for Viddy offers video effects approved by the famed rapper such as Smoky Haze. Click through to Viddy for a sample video.

Music legend and social media trendsetter Snoop Dogg announces the launch of his Snoop Pack™ on Viddy, the leading mobile social video application. A production tool, the Snoop Pack™ was created to provide Viddy users with a one-click effects layer and soundtrack to add to self-created video shot on their iPhone, giving fans an interactive and artistic outlet to create and share their own Snoop-inspired content.


Set to launch this week on Apple's iTunes Store via the free-to-download Viddy application, the Snoop Pack, custom-crafted for Snoop Dogg by the team at Viddy, features original graphics, created to imitate a smoky haze layer, along with a signature Snoop instrumental track. Viddy's 800,000 users can capture & create 15-second video on their iPhones, apply the Snoop Pack, and instantly share their artistic content with the Viddy community, or with one-click sharing to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Tumblr accounts.

A leader in the social media field, Snoop Dogg has been an early user and trendsetter on networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and has lead his massive fan base and audience to establishing active communities on both. On why Viddy and mobile social video is the next big emerging trend, Snoop says: "Facebook is great for your friends and family. Twitter is great for short messages. Instagram is great for pictures. Social video has power, it's the next big thing. With Viddy, I'm giving fans around the world the chance to explore that, and create and share Snoop Dogg inspired video content."

The development of a Snoop Pack on Viddy is also a trendsetting move for the music industry.

"The music business is changing it's about being creative in new media outlets, on the digital level, in social media," says Snoop, "and with the Snoop Pack Viddy has created, fans get an interactive way to relate to me as an artist I'm encouraging them to become artists on their own by creating Viddy clips with this Production Pack."

Announced by Snoop Dogg this morning on the social media web program "What's Trending," sneak-preview clips of the Snoop Pack are also available to view online at

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