So Much 2 Say Provides Intuitive Experience With Picture Communication

So Much 2 Say - Picture Communication (AppStore Link)
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So Much 2 Say - Picture Communication
Developer: Close 2 Home Apps, LLC
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Close 2 Home Apps recently announced the launch of So Much 2 Say, an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) App for the iPad that uses picture communication specifically designed for people with multiple disabilities.

“So Much 2 Say began as a custom iPad app for each of our daughters. Both girls are multiply disabled, with cognitive, language, and motor impairments. Many of the AAC apps out there target higher functioning individuals. We needed something that was simple for them to learn and use, but also intuitive and flexible enough that their numerous therapists and teachers could also quickly and easily customize as needed in the classroom,” says Eric Ferguson, CEO of Close 2 Home Apps, LLC.

In addition to being a mother of two girls with multiple disabilities, Kirsten is a teacher with over 14 years experience and holds two Masters degrees in Special Education and Elementary Education. Eric is a seasoned Software Architect with over 12 years of experience, and has been writing apps for iPhone/iPad since 2008.

By combining their extensive experience together with the help of several local speech professionals and other educators, So Much 2 Say has been finely tuned to help meet the needs of individuals with a wide range of special abilities across all age groups. But in addition to providing a useful tool, they also feel it very important to provide guidance for those tasked with administering the tool, to help make the most of the learning process.

Eric adds, “A great app is just a tool. It's the knowledge of how to use that tool to achieve a desired result that makes all the difference. We provide step-by-step procedures for beginning to work with your Learner using So Much 2 Say. The advice we provide comes from collaboration with several local speech professionals, as well as from our own experiences as parents."

“As developers we feel it would be irresponsible of us to put an app out there without offering guidelines and suggestions for families. Our video tutorials will walk you through every feature. Our built-in Getting Started section will help families get going. The most important advice we offer is for caregivers to work closely with the individual's speech language pathologist and other educational and/or hospital support staff. So Much 2 Say should be an important piece of a comprehensive program designed to meet the individual's needs", says Kirsten Ferguson, VP Sales and Marketing for Close 2 Home Apps, LLC.

Close 2 Home Apps, LLC creates mobile apps and online resources designed to enhance the lives of individuals with significant intellectual and/or communication impairment of all ages, and to support the growing demands faced by the families, care givers, educators, therapists, and support staff working with this population.

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