Software Ops Releases Coloring Pages for Zane App for Kids

Coloring Pages for Zane (AppStore Link)
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Coloring Pages for Zane
Developer: Software Ops LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Software Ops is proud to announce today the release of a new app for kids, "Coloring Pages for Zane". This app allows anybody with an iPhone or iPad to print coloring pages to an AirPrint ready printer or to send a coloring page PDF file to their email address for later printing. Coloring Pages for Zane is the only app that allows you to print coloring pages over and over to so your kids can color as much as they want.

The inspiration for this app was Zane Michels who is the autistic son of Joe Michels, the President and founder of Software Ops. Zane has always loved coloring with real crayons and pencils. Kids want the same experience of real crayons and paper.

"Zane, like all kids, loves coloring with real crayons and markers." claims Joe Michels President and CEO of Software Ops. "This app was built so that Zane can use it to print as many coloring pages he wants. He loves coloring the same image over and over."

Evan Killham of Cult of Mac says, "Coloring Pages for Zane is the cutest thing I've see all day." Mr Killham continues, "The developer made it for their autistic son so that he could easily print out his own pictures and get right to the important business of coloring them in. It launches with a selection of images; additional pictures are available via in-app purchases. But that warm feeling you're getting in your heart right now is free."

Coloring Pages for Zane should be on every mother's and grandmother's iPhone and iPad. With just a few simple taps, you can select a page to print to an AirPrint ready printer or send to your email for printing. All pages are designed to completely fill a standard piece of paper. Multiple coloring pages can be printed for one or many youngsters for hours of coloring fun. No more wasted time running to the store or clicking through poorly designed web sites filled with annoying ads to get the full sized coloring pages your kids want.

Coloring Pages for Zane 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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