Solid Line Products Launches Online Case Builder to Create Custom, One-of-a-Kind iPad Covers

custom iPad covers from Solid Line

Customers can upload their favorite photos to create one-of-a-kind, custom iPad covers. Coming soon for the Kindle.

Solid Line Products, LLC recently released a new drag and drop web designer that allows consumers to upload their favorite photos or art images to create custom, one-of-a-kind iPad covers.

Made of heavy-duty vinyl from 100% recycled materials, the custom iPad cases feature a patent-pending design that is stain and water resistant and earth friendly. The designs are printed onto the vinyl using environment-friendly inks. Resembling book covers, Solid Line's custom cases make it easy for consumers to express themselves.

"Our online designer is so easy to use that we seem to have unleashed the creativity in iPad owners," said Henry Lo, CEO & founder of Solid Line Products, Inc. "We've been seeing some very interesting and very personal cover designs from our customers. We've seen corporate logos from people wanting to promote their companies, sports fans whose designs express their team spirit. We've also seen people create cases with beautiful vacation photographs. The overwhelming majority, however, create covers that feature pictures of the people and animals they love."

While the cases are made-to-order, the company says that holiday delivery is possible for all orders placed by December 20.

Custom Case Builder Offers Preset Layouts with Easy Drag & Drop

The Solid Line case builder was designed to be easy to use. It features four preset layouts and one freeform layout for those who want flexibility. The case builder tools include a sepia and black & white converter, a text editor, clip art to add colors and patterns, and rotation. The freeform layout also enables an unlimited number of layers.

"The goal was to make building a case as simple as possible," said Lo. "We've provided the most commonly used design tools and presented them in an intuitive, usable manner. We're excited to see our customers using them."

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