Space Settlers V1.5 Takes Online Sci-Fi Players into Brand-New Adventure

Space Settlers (AppStore Link)
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Space Settlers
Developer: Han Zhicai
Price: free Download on the App Store

Digiarty today is thrilled to announce that the upgraded version of Space Settlers is available on App Store in all its glory. Designed specifically for the prestigious real-time strategy game for iPhone iPad iPod, Space Settlers breaks new ground in the RTS genre that give the free online game endless replay value, featuring thoroughly fresh game mode, superb PVE maps for effortless combat, better player interaction, dazzling advanced accessories, etc.

Upon its first release at the end of 2012, Space Settlers immediately makes it the rare breed of games that draw in numerous iOS users with fine-tuned, well-balanced gameplay, gorgeous graphics as well as dead-easy interface. Aiming to achieve an even more phenomenal success, Digiarty adds new fantastic elements to this online multiplayer iPhone game, to enable gamers to intrepidly throw down the gauntlet in a renovated game mode for amazing weapons and chariots, initiate battles conveniently with PVE maps, join fully collaborative campaign, and many more. All these new ornaments offer a fully integrated RTS gaming experience that responds directly to players' spirit of adventure and cooperation.

What's new in Space Settlers Version 1.5:
* Newly added PVE maps help gamers get more resources after a successful battle
* Increased building and tech levels bring out better RTS game effect
* Brand-new game mode "Land of Challenge" keeps throwing ceaseless challenge and variety to players with excellent chariot accessories and weapons of high levels
* Adjusted new types of tanks, weapons and resources that can be won by PVE players
* Added various advanced accessories in Store
* New team-up function helps players better interact with others for a cooperative fight
* Added valid date in Email and will auto delete the stored Emails 10 days after the sending day
* Optimized some functions according to players' advices
* Fixed some bugs

For both existing and fresh players, the latest version of this online Sci-Fi RTS game is available for free through Apple App Store in the Games category.

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