Space Terror iOS Game - Update 1.2

Space Terror - Alien Attack (AppStore Link)
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Space Terror - Alien Attack
Developer: Lukas Penkava
Price: free Download on the App Store

Space Terror, the universal iOS game from indie studio StacheBits gets major update. New game mechanics were implemented. Time Machine now plays crucial part in the gameplay as player needs to cool down Time Machine to prevent it from overheating and going crazy. Update further includes bug fixes and improved visuals.

Players take control of the planet itself in defense against all the terror attacks from Outer Space. Firing Mega Death Ray to vaporize the alien enemy, deflecting meteors with bouncing castles. Using shields to protect the earth, freeze meteors as they shower down on you, set up mine fields and watch the enemy evaporate in space or launch Satellite to orbit and defend our planet.

By defending the planet, players can collect coins to upgrade his weapons and buy powerups to last against onslaught of enemies longer. A wave of terror from outer space is upon us! The end of the world is coming! Aliens from Outer space are trying to usurp our planet. Fight them, or die in flames!

Feature Highlights:
* Easy and fun controls
* Unique design and art direction
* Funny gameplay and sounds
* Time Machine
* Upgradable weapons
* Buying powerups

Space Terror 1.2 is available for Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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