Spense, Expense Tracker for iPhone, Adds Notes and Photos to Spense Plus

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Developer: Irinhawk LLC
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Irinhawk, LLC is proud to announce the release of Spense 1.2, an update to their popular financial app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Spense is an easy, quick, and simple way to keep a journal of your day-to-day spending. Set a spending target and a repeat cycle, and each transaction you enter is immediately deducted from your balance.

This app is not complicated. It won't link to your bank accounts or allow you to pay your bills. It is a simple, easy way to keep up with your daily spending without having to carry around loads of receipts. With a few steps, you can see where your money is going each month. Now, with Spense Plus, you can document where your purchase was made, or for what occasion. Take a photo of your receipt, purchase, store, etc. All of your notes and photos will be easily accessible in your end of cycle email.

"The reason this app works is because it is so simple. There is no need to come up with a complicated budget. By tracking what you spend, you see where you can save," says developer Craig Coleman.

Get the most out of Spense by upgrading to Spense Plus. Features available only with Spense Plus include the ability to add notes and photos to any transaction, automatic backup using our secure cloud sync technology, an email at the end of each cycle that includes graphs, notes and photos, and your transaction history in a .csv file, transactions that are instantly synced with multiple users in a shared spending journal, access to your spending journal with multiple devices, and access to all future added features.

What's New in Version 1.2

Spense Plus updates:
* Redesigned for iOS 7
* Add or edit a note or photo for any transaction
* End of Cycle email now includes category amounts and total amount spent for cycle in chart legend and note and photo columns in the transaction history

Spense Plus note and photo details:
* Document where your purchase was made or for what occasion
* Take a photo of your receipt, purchase, store, etc.
* All of your notes and photos will be easily available in your End of Cycle email

Fixes and Improvements:
* Cloud sync now occurs automatically in the background

Spense is an on the go spending journal that lets you stay on top of your daily spending. We designed this app to be easy to use and simple, so that you can easily enter transactions while you are out running errands, getting gas, dining out, and more.

Some people like to use Spense to help them track expenses for a project or an event. Others like to use it to track their spending while on vacation. How you use Spense is up to you! Customize the amount, the length of each cycle, and the categories to best fit your needs.

Spense 1.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category. To upgrade to Spense Plus, a subscription for $9.99 per year for unlimited users is available.

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