Sports Speed Gun turns your iPhone into a Radar Gun


We've all become accustomed to data overload when watching our favourite sports team on TV. A myriad of stats plaster the screen, and some of them are interesting. Amongst the interesting ones are those that the viewer can relate to in their own amateur sports teams. The speed of a tennis serve or a baseball pitch is difficult to relate to unless you can measure speeds yourself when out on the field. Enter 'Sports Speed Gun' for iPhone.

Sports Speed Gun for iPhone:
With 'Sports Speed Gun' for iPhone it is possible to measure the speed of an athlete on a track, a baseball pitch, a tennis serve, an archers arrow or anything else configured in the App. The App works by timing how long it takes for the target object (baseball, tennis ball, athlete) to travel a particular distance. The App can then instantly calculate the average speed of that object over that distance.

App comes configured for various sports:
Included in the App are the set distances required to measure various sports, including : Baseball, Athletics track events, Cricket, Tennis, Target Archery. The App can also be configured for any other sport. The App is so configurable it can be set up to measure the average speed of anything at all.

Good for spectators too:
The App is not only useful for those taking part in sport - spectators can use it too. The App will even work for games/events whilst they are watched on TV.

Sports Speed Gun 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available now worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Sports category.

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