Squeak 16: Animate Your Photos with Voice, Sketch and Caption

Squeak16 - Add Animated Comments to Photos (AppStore Link)
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Squeak16 - Add Animated Comments to Photos
Developer: Pelfunc Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Pelfunc Inc. has launched a new product/service called Squeak 16, a free, easy to use, fun iOS App available in the App Store. A Squeak 16 user can add voice, sketch, caption and live zooming to their pictures to create 16-second video messages. Squeak 16 photos magically attain a temporal dimension with recorded gestures and commentary. What began as a picture, with the tap of a record button becomes an animated clip that plays like a video.

Squeaks are uploaded to the Squeak 16 social network and can be viewed in a web browser and accessed from other devices that the user owns. Squeak shatters the status quo by taking user engagement to the next level. Now users can do more than just like and comment on photos, they can respond with a reply-Squeak, promoting rich conversations. They can also follow other users and view Squeaks they are interested in a chronological feed. Squeaks can also be easily be posted to Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS or saved as a video to the camera roll.

Squeak 16 can be used to:
* Post multimedia status updates
* Tell a backdrop story that entertains with humor and suspense or is simply nostalgic
* Add a sound bite or sing a tune
* Make an animated sketch
* Add funny or thoughtful captions
* Share a tip or a trick, or teach a quick topic, like the pronunciation of a word
* Add commentary that allows you to be precise and clear
* Point out what would otherwise go unnoticed in a photo
* Add to a story to an already posted Squeak
* Ask for clarification by pointing to items in a photo
* Showcase a delicious meal
* Make a picture or a video meme
* Share a note or greeting with a loved one with your personal touch
* Give personalized directions
* Journal an idea or a discovery or an exhibit
* Ask a question with a Squeak, and get reply Squeaks, for example if you are shopping for a purse or a shoe and looking for like products

Squeak 16 (v1.0.5) is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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