SQUIRRELED game app for iPhone and iPad Combines Learning with Fun

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Developer: Andrew Chew
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Andrew Chew Interactive today is pleased to announce the release of SQUIRRELED(TM) for iOS devices. With Winter approaching, Squirrel must traverse yards filled with rampant lawnmowers, thorny hedges, crafty gophers, and the occasional domestic pet in a quest for tasty acorns. SQUIRRELED(TM) features speed math style educational gameplay mixed with simple tap action levels.

After successfully exploring a few yards, you must help Squirrel sort acorns testing your computation skills as you quickly add acorn values to score points. This surprisingly addictive bonus round becomes more challenging as the game proceeds generating higher score points balanced with math complexity.

There is no gun violence depicted or the concept of lives lost in SQUIRRELED(TM). But be prepared to make a split second decision whether or not to dash in front of that lawnmower or cross that road - Squirrel might lose all the acorns he has in his cheeks.

5 out of 5 stars: "Great game for the kids. Simple yet addicting for hours of fun." - R&R fan

SQUIRRELED 1.002 is new Free for a limited time and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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