StacheTag has the mustache app gap overflowing - Available on iOS

Stachetag - The Best Handlebar Mustache Photo Booth & Editor (New for Instagram) (AppStore Link)
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Stachetag - The Best Handlebar Mustache Photo Booth & Editor (New for Instagram)
Developer: Pastry Face LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

What exactly leads us to instinctively doodle mustaches on photos, people, and random objects? No one quite knows for sure, but where most mustache apps leave you yearning for more facial hair - the StacheTag app deliver hundreds of times over. Pastry Face LLC today is proud to introduce Stachetag 1.0.1 for iOS.

Like any other, feature-filled photo app, StacheTag comes with numerous filters, effects, frames, props, meme capabilities, social sharing, and so on. It's the countless mustaches that are StacheTag's bread and butter. This stuff isn't rocket science. StacheTag has more mustache styles, beautifully and realistically illustrated, than any of the other well-known apps. Want more than a handlebar? StacheTag's got the Zorro, Dali, the Burt Reynolds, Chaplin, Watson, the MLK, Captain Hook, Asterix, Italian Video Game Plumber, his enemy, and many, many more. Tie this in with funky facial hair dye and the grooming possibilities (or lack thereof) are endless. See for yourself on Instagram (#stachetag).

The StacheTag app is free and available now for iOS. Head on over to website to grab it if you can't grow your own facial hair.

Pastry Face LLC is a self-funded, bootstrapped app development start-up and publisher. Its interests in the mobile space are photography, social, and gaming.

Stachetag - A Handlebar Mustache Photo Booth for Instagram 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

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