Star Smash Game Targets the Celebrities We All Love to Hate

Star Smash Game (AppStore Link)
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Star Smash Game
Developer: Mihai Rad
Price: free Download on the App Store

Empire Games has just launched Star Smash, a unique game that delivers harmless fun to its players. Using fruits and veggies, the user can smash up 36 celebrity caricatures, calculating angles and velocity and delivering a perfect face-hit to wipe out the celebs from the screen.

The goal is to clear out the image, at least 90% of it, to move on to the next level. Players get three stars for wiping out 100% of the image and two stars for completing over 95%. To get the ultimate high score, the player needs to slingshot their way thorough the 36+ levels, with sparkling clean accuracy, collecting all three stars for each level.

The first levels of the Star Smash game bring into the spotlight some of the most known and loved childhood movie heroes, such as Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger (or Rambro and the Governator as their stage names are in the game). Players will also encounter the most famous singers and politicians, the most loved or controversial talk-show hosts and they will get plenty of opportunities to study them all from various angles. Lady Gaga, Jay Leno, Barack Obama and even Kim Kardashian, are all caricatured and renamed as the player takes aim at their faces and struggles to get all three stars as a reward for perfectly wiping out their image. Celebrity couples are also a main target as they strive to keep their relationship strong in front of the user's fruit attack, as are some of the world's most admired car show hosts. Hammond, May and Clarkson from Top Gear are sitting ducks in the Star Smash adventure, proving no one's safe from the splashing bombs.

The stars from Hollywood are all pretty well studied and caricatured, and their famous voices are carefully imitated in various catch phrases. Throughout the game, celebrities will welcome the gamer back to the session, will talk back to them and will provoke the player to hit - smash them again and again. Their lines are hilarious and serious all at the same time, adding to the impressively realistic factor that might just turn the Star Smash game into a smashing success.

Star Smash is a free to download game, but requires payment to unlock and play more then 12 levels. The mobile user can also buy his or her way to success by purchasing extra veggies and fruits. With constant updates promised – in the form of new levels and even bomb types - the game should have a long life on mobile devices and it delivers a pretty nice value for money.

With an impressive list of celebrities and with even more look-a-likes to come in regular upgrades, Star Smash is set to become a smashing success. If the game keeps up the quality of the caricatures and the fine details integrated in the game, such as celebrity voices and mimic, everyone will soon want to download and play it, even the real celebrities!

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