Star Wings 2 for iOS - The Space Adventure Continues

Star Wings: A space adventure (AppStore Link)
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Star Wings: A space adventure
Developer: Renan Lobo
Price: free Download on the App Store

Arphix Games today announces that the brand new game Star Wings 2 for iPhone and iPad is available to download worldwide for free today. Star Wings 2, also available for Mac OS X, is a new interstellar arcade game where the player explores the universe by controlling a spaceship across several missions.

Completely redesigned and touch friendly, Star wings 2: A space adventure! shines like never before. In this game, the player has to guide a spaceship to the target portal and deal with the gravity of planets, stars, black-holes and a variety of interstellar bodies.

Its spaceship launching mechanism is very intuitive and well know for being used in other successful games like Ultimate Ball and Angry Birds Space. After launch, the user can control the spaceship simply by touching the screen where the spaceship should go.

But the simplicity stops there! The starfleet of flying bugs will do everything to stop the spaceship to get in its final destination. Star Wings 2 introduces a new variety of enemies and hazards, including explosive spacemines, shooting turrets and flying bugs that will hunt the spaceship until death.

In order to complete the missions and destroy as many enemies as possible, the player counts with lots of add-ons that can be used to equip the spaceships. Also, always exists the possibility to get a new, faster, bigger and powerful spaceship anytime from the command center.

Star Wings 2 Comes to iOS Featuring:
* Several challenging levels across beautiful retina-display scenarios
* Earn gold by solving puzzles! Use it to upgrade your spaceships
* Physics-based elements: planets, asteroids, black holes, stars and more
* Hazards like space mines, shooting turrets and flying seekers
* Lots of achievements to complete and then challenge your friends
* Addictive and exciting play, for both novice and advanced gamers

Star Wings 2 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. A Mac OS X version is also available from the Mac App Store.

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