Learn About Celebrities Through Their Zodiac Signs with Stars & Stats

Stars & Stats - Analyze celebrities and their zodiac signs - Daily astrology info. (AppStore Link)
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Stars & Stats - Analyze celebrities and their zodiac signs - Daily astrology info.
Developer: Yan Zverev
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Deviceful Developers has released an entertaining look into celebrities with an app that shows their astrological roots. The Stars & Stats 1.31 app provides a unique take on astrology, allowing people to research their favorite "stars" — celebrities and sports figures!

Discover details about their births, zodiac signs and how well astrological characteristics correspond to real personalities. People can find actors, billionaires, comedians, artists and authors who share their birth dates, use the information to prepare special tributes for friends and relatives, and discover which famous people might make perfect matches according to the stars. The app provides endless hours of entertainment and useful celebrity statistics and astrological information.

Learn About the Zodiac:

Many people believe that the zodiac influences their lives, and even nonbelievers admit that people might adopt zodiac characteristics that appeal to them. The Stars & Stats app makes it easy to find celebrities by sorting lists in multiple categories such as artists, actors, wealthy entrepreneurs and sports stars. The app also provides information about the zodiac and daily horoscopes, and searchers can look for celebrities born under specific zodiac signs, on certain days and at certain times. Find out which celebrities were born each day of the year and use the information to impress friends and business associates. "By the way, Happy Birthday to Barbara Streisand, Kelly Clarkson, Cedric The Entertainer and Larry Tesler."

Post and Share Astrological Comments:

The convenient Stars & Stats app encourages social sharing by making it easy to post and share your thoughts about zodiac signs.

Stars & Stats Features:

Everyone wonders what they have in common with the rich and famous, and Stars & Stats answers these questions at the touch of a button or touchscreen. The celebrity database contains more than 120,000 entries including international celebrities, film stars, athletes, Olympic medalists, engineers and famous scientists.

  • Look up birth dates of favorite celebrities, learn about their personalities and careers
  • Search by personalities, accomplishments, zodiac signs and other factors such as famous suicides
  • Learn about zodiac sign characteristics to relate better to friends, family members and business associates
  • View beautifully designed charts that are optimized for viewing on phone screens
  • Share information live on Facebook

Constellation configurations generate unique energy signatures, and the energy of birth dates creates celestial resonances that influence lives, health, relationships and personalities. Learn about astrology and the 12 signs of the zodiac by finding out how these details apply to respected entertainers, politicians, artists and accomplished business leaders. Which unique factors helped to make Aquarius Oprah Winfrey the most successful woman in television? Which Pisces characteristics of people born in 1732 influenced George Washington to become father of his country? The Stars & Stats app helps people find answers to their astrological questions, find zodiac information about people of interest, and start lively online discussions.

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