Little Star Piano Lite Makes Learning Piano a Game for Kdis

Little Star Piano - Lite (AppStore Link)
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Little Star Piano - Lite
Developer: John Christie
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Fun To Learn Apps, the developer of Little Star Piano Lite, is thrilled to announce the latest update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Little Star Piano Lite 1.0.0 offers users a simple way to start learning piano in a cleverly constructed game. By playing along to well known children's nursery rhymes you will be able to play your first song on a piano before you know it.

Little Star Piano Lite 1.0.0 Features Include:
- 2 classic children's songs
- 3 levels of difficulty
- Piano accompaniments for all songs
- Recorded audio to listen to your children's best performances
- Email feature to send the best performances to friends and relative

To play a song is made easy, simply follow the 2 scrolling measures of music and press the key with the red dot on it as the note passes the scoring area. Before long after practising the song you will get to know what keys to press for each note in the music. When this happens you can simply look at the scrolling music and just press the key when the note is over the scoring area. It is at this point that you have successfully managed to read and play music, a skill that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The other important musical concept taught in this app is tempo, the notes scroll at a rate which will always keep you in-time as you only play the note when it's over the scoring area, for short duration notes the music will scroll faster and for long duration notes it will scroll slower. This teaches the crucial concept that notes have different durations and soon you will get a feel for the different types of note.

The inspiration behind this app was to help everyone to start to play and enjoy music from babies that are just starting to learn about music to adults that want to start learning an instrument.

Little Star Piano Lite 1.0.0 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category. This free app does not contain banner-ads or in-app purchase pop-ups, it also does not collect personal contact information for use by third parties. There is an app store link to the full version of this software that contains 12 songs.

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