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Personal Best Pro - Goal Coach, Activity Tracker and Motivator (AppStore Link)
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Personal Best Pro - Goal Coach, Activity Tracker and Motivator
Developer: Rob Delaporte
Price: free Download on the App Store

Treadpole Communications, an emerging mobile applications and lifestyle solutions developer, is excited today to announce the launch of Personal Best Pro onto the App Store! Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices - and designed with full iOS 7 optimization in mind, this unique organizer gives tech savvy parents and other users an easy central hub to organize all of their children's sports obligations, events, achievements, progress, and more! A perfect mobile aide to help keep athletes young and old alike motivated, the app features intuitive organizing features by sport and athlete, graphs events and achievements, enables users to save and organize photos and videos by sporting event, and offers simple sharing options as well.

Parents know that keeping track of multiple kids' sports hobbies is oftentimes a more complicated endeavour than it seems. Luckily, Personal Best Pro is here. Created specifically to make organizing kids' athletic calendars a breeze this app has the power to manage an entire family's worth sports activities, and everything that comes with them. It's simple to track fitness milestones and even record and share important moments via photo and video with Personal Best Pro too. Complete with an intuitive interface and four helpful modules, the app stores all the information that users need to not simply keep their athletes on track, but help them improve by showing them their progress and achievements over time!

Boasting an accessible home page that divides sports obligations by athlete, Personal Best Pro enables users to automatically create and reference visual representations of every included athlete's performances. Likewise, the app's Gallery mode automatically organizes all photos and videos of each athlete by sport, and specific event as well. Everything is easier with Personal Best Pro community as it offers registered users free access to their active online forums where they can get tips from other users, learn cool tricks, and share their athletes' activities with ease for free! Health and fitness goals are hard enough to achieve by themselves - ensure that planning and executing them, whether for young sports stars or anyone else, stays intuitive with Personal Best Pro and get moving!

Personal Best Pro 1.1 is Free and currently available in the Australian market through the App Store in the Sports category.

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