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RememberTheOil - Car Maintenance
Developer: Rodolfo Vasquez
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Vehicles require regular maintenance, not only to run smoothly and maintaining its resale value and warranty, but most importantly, to prevent accidents, unexpected breakdowns and higher maintenance costs. Rodolfo Vasquez, the independent developer of high-quality apps behind RoundedApps, today is pleased to announce a new update, immediately available, of RememberTheOil - Car Maintenance and Fuel Tracking (MPG) version 1.5, a productivity app developed exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch.

Carefully designed for car enthusiasts with need for granular detail tracking as well as for vehicle owners who look for an easy way to stay on top of their vehicle's maintenance schedule and fuel economy. RememberTheOil learns about your daily usage based on your mileage and fill-up updates. Using this data it estimates and provides alerts for upcoming services along with a graphical progress overview for each service reminder.

This update has been focused on improving usability, incorporating feedback from his customers, and introducing a new geofence feature, which allows users to define locations to be monitored, so every time you arrive to a favorite gas station, the app will remind you to register a fill-up. Thanks to its iCloud integration, your vehicle information will be securely stored in your iCloud account, making it accessible from all the devices authorized under the same account.

What is new in version 1.5:
* New language: French
* New location field for fill-ups and maintenance records
* Geofence locations. Setup a location as a favorite so next time you arrive the app will remind you to record a fill-up
* Ability to change and customize the order for service reminders
* New fields for vehicle information: VIN, make, model, year, engine and color
* Fill-up entry form has been simplified. Making it easier to entry historic data
* Ability to edit maintenance records
* Auto configure the metric system based on your location (requires location services)
* Ability to change the vehicle's distance unit
Ability to rename service reminders
Increased the mileage limit for service reminder to 6 digits

* iCloud enabled
* Ability to track multiple vehicles
* Service due dates are automatically estimated based on vehicle usage. Your vehicle's usage is calculated when you register a fill-up, a maintenance record or simply by updating the vehicle odometer in the app
* Intuitive graphical display of service reminder's progress
* Pre-defined car services reminders like Oil, Brakes, Coolant, etc., with commonly used requirements of mileage and time
* Ability to create custom service reminders. Including the ability to define distance and time frequency
* Support for optional service reminders (like Tire rotation, windshield wipers replacement, etc.). Optional service reminders are not included in the estimate of the next service
* Metric system support. Each vehicle can be configured in either miles (U.S. or U.K) or kilometers. Fill-up can be entered in gallons or liters
* Ability to edit fill-ups, maintenance records and mileage updates
* Support for several fuel efficiency metrics, including MPG and L/100Km
* Export vehicle history by email.
* Support for Retina Display and 4 inch displays (iPhone 5)

RememberTheOil - Car Maintenance and Fuel Tracking (MPG) 1.5 is only $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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