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PE Geeks
Developer: Nicholas Stratigopoulos
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Physical and health education teacher, Nicholas Stratigopoulos today is pleased to announce the release of his fifth app, PE Geeks. PE Geeks 1.1 is an interactive, all-in-one directory of physical and health specialists, compiling the contact information - name, Twitter handle, email, location, level of teaching and school - of educators across the globe. The app also allows users to socialize directly through messaging and chatrooms, thanks to Scringo Integration.

Additionally, PE Geeks features work from members of the physical and health education community, including videos by Adam Howell (creator and host of the #PHYSEDagogy YouTube series) and Brian Gadient (creator of the PhysEdGames Youtube series), as well as podcasts by Joey Feith and Nathan Horne (creators and hosts of The #Physed Podcast) and Jarrod Robinson (The PE Geek Podcast).

PE Geeks is an app created and designed by its users. Those interested in sharing their contact information may do so directly within the app by using the "Add Me!" feature or by visiting

PE Geeks 1.1 is a free application and is available to download worldwide through the App Store under the Education category.

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