Sticker Quest Rewards Kids for Completing Chores and Daily Tasks

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Sticker Quest
Developer: Adrian Walker
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Juno Tree today is pleased to announce the family friendly Sticker Quest for iOS. Developed by two dads from Scotland, Sticker Quest gives kids everyday quests to complete, like brushing their teeth or playing in the park, to earn fun new stickers. Kids start as a bunny rabbit and "level up" to unlock new stickers like the monkey and dolphin.

Recommended for kids between the ages of 3 and 12 years old, Sticker Quest was designed by parents, for parents. Parents and kids play Sticker Quest together, making daily chores, learning activities and playtime a fun and rewarding experience.

"I'll admit it now; the idea for Sticker Quest came from my five year old son," said Dennis Coughlin, co-founder of Juno Tree. "One day Patrick and I went for a longer walk than usual and I was really proud of him. Patrick said he should get a sticker for walking so far. I said that was a brilliant idea and that was the birth of Sticker Quest."

A high amount of detail has been paid to the design of in-game quests and stickers. Parents will be happy to find there are a wide variety of quests, allowing kids to complete at least one per day. Toddlers to pre-teens can enjoy the sound effects and the animation of a peeling sticker when you complete a quest.

Example Quests for Earning Rewards:

⇒ Today I said "Good morning" with a smile
⇒ Today I cleaned up my toys
⇒ Today I learned how to say "Hello" in a new language
⇒ Today I drew a picture of a dinosaur
⇒ Today I went for a bike ride

Sticker Quest Features:

⇒ 100 stickers to discover
⇒ Over 80 daily Quests to complete
⇒ 15 Levels to unlock
⇒ Multiple Questers - kids can play along with their brother or sister

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