Stickman Archery and Defense Frenzy in Alone at War: The Last Stand

Alone at War 3: The Last Stand - A Stickman Archer Chronicle for iPhone, iPod and iPad (AppStore Link)
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Alone at War 3: The Last Stand - A Stickman Archer Chronicle for iPhone, iPod and iPad
Developer: Orb Games Limited
Price: free Download on the App Store

Ever wondered what it feels like being Rambo or Chuck Norris? Here's your chance to find out!

Your friends and family were killed by enemy troops. They've slain every living being. Even your dog. And a cat. Why? You have no idea. All you know is someone is going to pay for this. This time it's personal!

Alone at War: The Last Stand 1.0, by Orb Games, puts players in the shoes of the last surviving soldier, who has to battle on his own against the whole enemy army. Like a group of Spartans in the movie, 300, or like a one man army, John Rambo, players use the last stand tactic to fight off the overwhelming enemy attacks. On their mission, their only assistance comes from a trusty bow and arrows, as well as their magical skills. By surviving enemy attacks, players get awarded with golden coins, which later can be used to improve skills and to buy better weapons and tools. This in turn helps to survive next waves of invasion that get tougher and tougher over time.

Feature Highlights:
* Fight epic battles against legions of troops and monsters
* Build and maintain your watchtower in order to destroy enemies more effectively
* Improve your magic skills and cast devastating spells
* Buy powerful weapons and ammunition to unleash hell at attackers
* Survive the carnage and take your revenge

Alone at War: The Last Stand 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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