Strain Brain Uses Image Recognition to Identify Marijuana and Find Nearby Dispensaries

This app is not currently available in the App Store.
Strain Brain App for iPhone

The Strain Brain iPhone App helps patients figure out exactly what medicine they have and find the best pricing and legal purchase locations nearby.

The Medical Cannabis Network (MCN) has incorporated the revolutionary strain recognition technology from to a new app called Strain Brain, now available at the Apple iTunes App Store. This free app allows patients aged 17 and older to upload a picture of their medicine directly from their iPhones to identify the strain and its medical uses, and show locations where the strain can be purchased legally. Users can also browse through Strain Brain's comprehensive cannabis catalog and instantly find local dispensaries and collectives.

“We are thrilled to put the groundbreaking strain recognition technology of directly in the hands of patients. This new app empowers patients on the go to figure out exactly what medicine they have and find the best pricing and legal purchase locations in their area, directly from their mobile devices,” said Jason Draizin, CEO of MCN. “Just like the web-based app, Strain Brain utilizes artificial intelligence, meaning that the more people use it, the smarter it gets. So we encourage anyone and everyone over the age of 17 to download the app and help train the brain.”

Strain Brain uses the same algorithm and proprietary image recognition technology from the web-based application to calculate the cannabinoid profile of each strain to determine possible matches. Strain Brain is also fully integrated with MCN's weed mapping site,, so that the app can determine where the user is and display all of the nearby medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis collectives. This will allow real-time, location-based dispensary menu data to be displayed for each strain, giving users the power to compare prices and choose the best place to go to legally purchase medical marijuana.

This app goes hand in hand with StrainBrain's free strain label system to create never before seen transparency for the industry. At, cannabusinesses can create labels for literally hundreds of strains, which are scannable and pre-loaded with scientific data and pricing info, and can be completely customized by each dispensary. Patients can then scan the QR codes with their smartphones to obtain detailed information about the medical marijuana in question and then use the Strain Brain app to photograph the medicine to ensure that it really is the strain that provider says it is.

“StrainBrain's labeling system coupled with the new Strain Brain app is our way of creating a checks and balances for the marijuana market, by helping patients define exactly what strain of medical marijuana they are obtaining,” added Draizin. “This system really has the potential to become the people's choice version of a Zagat-type rating for this new emerging market place, as StrainBrain empowers patients to write reviews and share their opinions on what strains work best for which ailments.”

Medical Cannabis Network, Inc. (MCN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ficarr, Inc. (Pink Sheets: FCAA), provides patients, doctors and businesses with start-to-finish marketing and logistics solutions to serve the booming medical marijuana industry. Brands under the umbrella of MCN include:,,,,,,,, and many more.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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