Stupid Pigeon Is Back On iOS With Raider Of The Lost Egg

Stupid Pigeon 2 | Raider of the Lost Egg (AppStore Link)
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Stupid Pigeon 2 | Raider of the Lost Egg
Developer: Adictiz
Price: free Download on the App Store

French social and mobile gaming studio Adictiz unveils Stupid Pigeon 2: Raider of The Lost Egg on iOS, 4 years after the stunning launch of the first episode of Stupid Pigeon on Facebook.

It's All About The - Crazy - Pitch:
It is on a bright sunny morning that Stupid Pigeon discovers his paternity. Then, the most predictable happens: Stupid Pigeon loses his newborn baby egg, being too busy setting a trap for his favorite victim Gary! Things later turn from bad to worse when Stupid Pigeon blows up the entire plastic egg factory where Gary is employed. Thenceforth, confrontation is inevitable between the both to be the first one to find the Lost Egg.

A Casual and Addictive Gameplay:
Using a single finger, players will have to help Stupid Pigeon get his baby back. The game requires a bit of skill and some acute observation to find the best path to the anguished father. It is one thing to throw the egg from A to B, it is another to avoid the different obstacles using ricochet without making scrambled eggs. Players will travel through 4 different neighborhoods and will be challenged in over 75 levels available at launch. The game will benefit from regular additional level and new challenges. The business model is freemium.

* Explore more than 75 levels
* Unlock Super Eggs and their mysterious powers
* Get through bonus levels to progress faster
* Challenge your Facebook friends in the adventure

About the Brand:
Stupid Pigeon was launched as a spin off of Space Dog game in 2010 and reached sky high results with over 15 million players. The brand has more than 3.3 million fans from all around the globe on Facebook.

"Our team is proud to unveil another Stupid Pigeon episode. We tried to push the enveloppe on the emotions conveyed by the Stupid Pigeon throughout the game while challenging the players to compensate for his stupidity. We put a special emphasis too on players interactivity by adding the latest Facebook functionalities." claims Charles Christory, CEO et founder of Adictiz.

Raider of the Lost Egg 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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