Sudoku with a Fun Character Twist - Charaku App for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: Smileypop, LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Charaku is the new way to play Sudoku. No numbers, just cute characters. Forget typing or tapping. Drag and drop the different funny faces into place. For the countless Sudoku fans out there, they'll enjoy a more visually appealing way to play their favorite puzzle game. For everyone else, the unique gameplay mechanics will have them flexing their fingers and their brain as they solve each increasingly difficult challenge.

Sudoku has become an international hit and gathered millions of players. Charaku aims to increase that fan base by removing the mathematical element and replacing it with something simpler to learn but just as challenging to solve. While there have been various spinoffs of this popular puzzle game, using characters in lieu of numbers is a cute and friendly way to attract new players to the genre. Especially for children, it is a great way to introduce the problem solving skills needed for more complicated types of games.

Each puzzle is randomly generated to create a new play experience every time. Unlike other Sudoku apps that include a predefined list of puzzles, with Charaku there's always a new one to solve. Players have five difficulty modes to choose from. Warm up with Beginner mode and achieve ultimate status by completing Master mode. Players can check their progress in the global rankings on Apple Game Center and brag to their friends via Facebook and Twitter. The free mobile app is available now for iPhone and iPad.

Charaku 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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