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Suitcases - packing checklist
Developer: Evgeny Turchaninov
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Avencode, based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, has released a new version of it's renowned Suitcases app. Suitcases 1.1 has a new view switcher added on. Meaning you can now switch between the usual check boxes and a new 'Hide Packed' feature. This makes your packing so much faster.

When the founder of Avencode, Evgeny Turchaninov, first came up with Suitcases, he said that he had always found that apps used to help travelers were too complicated, and since he did a lot of traveling, he created suitcases for his personal use. "I think you will find it as user friendly and helpful as I do," said Evgeny Turchaninov.

Suitcases is an iOS app that provides travelers with sample check lists of things you will need on your travels. On installation, it comes with three custom made packing lists. One for business trips, vacation travel and summer camping. These are very flexible lists. The app features a two-list system: users add items to a white list and check them off as they are packed one by one and a yellow list that contains all the items not chosen this time and that are left behind. You can customize the items permanently stored on the yellow list depending on your regular needs. The app also allows users to come up with their own personalized suitcase icons, create reminders, store and save the list.

Highlighted Features:
* Comes with three featured suitcase lists: Business Trip, Beach Trip and Summer camp
* Each suitcase contains a sample packing list where you check items off as they are packed
* The packing lists are editable and you can create your own custom made suitcase lists if you so wish
* The two-list system is very easy and convenient
* You can easily swap items to and from the take and leave list

The two-list system that suitcases offers has provided quite an unprecedented convenience and flexibility for travelers worldwide. You can now easily create, custom make and check off your packing lists since all the items not on the white list, which is the list of things you are taking with you, will appear on the yellow list, the list of things you are leaving behind. You can easily switch items between both lists. Swiping an item from the white list, automatically takes it on to the yellow list and by taping an item on the yellow list, it automatically takes it to the white list. This allows you to quickly shuffle about the items even at the last minute depending on how much room you have left in the suitcase. The app comes with 80 items in 10 different categories and you can add or delete any item from any category.

Suitcase Categories:
* 15 items of clothes and underwear
* 5 items of footwear
* 5 items of swimwear
* 13 items of hygiene and clean up material
* 5 first aid kit items
* 8 items of snacks and drinks
* 6 appliances eg chargers, adapters, laptops, etc.
* 9 document items, eg cash, credit cards, tickets etc.
* 7 miscellaneous items
* 6 'before leaving' reminder items. Eg Unplug iron box, water plants etc.

Suitcases 1.1 is ONLY $0.99 (USD) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Travel category.

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