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Super Sprites
Developer: Zplay (Beijing) Info. Tech. Co.,Ltd.
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Zplay today is pleased to announce Super Sprites 1.3.0 for iOS, their innovative match-3 adventure game now updated for iOS 6 and iPhone 5. Oval shaped sprites of 6 different colors fall from the sky, accumulate at the bottom of the screen, and slowly rise to the top. Touching any sprite in a group of 3 or more of the same color removes them. But rather than simply disappear, they fly off the top of the screen, which creates an upheaval of many colliding sprites that are above, which fall into new positions. Super Sprites has been the Top Paid App in China's App Store, and in the Top 10 Puzzle Games in the U.S. App Store.

Feature Highlights:
- Gravity, explosions, and random collisions provide constantly changing positions
- Continuous click mode, with time between matches of less than 1 second
- Graphical surprises with animated rainbows, storms, lightning, and more
- Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
- Move from level to level until the sprites overflow the top of the screen

One of the most unpredictable and ambitious match-3 games ever designed, gravity, explosions, and collisions are always affecting gameplay. The lovable sprites with animated faces react as they gently bounce on top of each other, finally settling in a crowded mountain of sprites. The rules are simple, but the action can get as fast as the player wants to go. For example, touching a green sprite that is contiguous with 2 or more other green sprites immediately puts an expression of surprise and joy on all the matched sprites. Particle effects appear above each, and a rainbow trails follows them as they are catapulted off the top of the screen.

Because the sprites are so tightly packed, when 3 or more fly skyward most of the remaining sprites are affected. This creates a chaotic, randomizing effect, where the mountain of sprites is completely different after a match. At the same moment the match is made, an isolated sprite(s) of the same color is highlighted for about 1 second. Touching the highlighted sprite earns gold coins, which are redeemable for super sprites with special abilities, such as the Ninja sprite, Rainbow sprite, and Star sprite.

The game tracks combinations and super combinations and the score counter is visible at the top of the screen. While most players may play with one hand, waiting a few seconds for the flying and falling sprites to settle into a stable arrangement, the game allows players to go faster. After less than 1 second, players can make another match. This means that expert players can use 2 hands to make mid-air matches or win gold coins by quickly touching highlighted sprites.

Filled with spectacular graphics and animation, there are many special effects, daytime and nighttime gameplay, super sprites with unique abilities, and bonus scoring for special combos. Whether played at a relaxed pace, a moderate speed, or the fastest, 2 handed action imaginable, Super Sprites provides never-ending arcade excitement.

"The more you play Super Sprites, the more you will discover about the behavior of the 6 colored sprites and all the special sprites," commented Jack Ho of Zplay. "This is one match-3 game that never, ever gets dull."

Language Support:
English and Chinese

Super Sprites 1.3.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Optional gold coins can be downloaded through an in-app purchase from $0.99 (USD). Review copies are available on request.

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