Use SuperBall Power-Ups for Even Higher Scores in Zepi:Classic HD


OstinGames has introduced Zepi:Classic HD 1.1, the very first app of the Zepi series for the iPad, with terrific SuperBall power-up now to help players score even more! High scores — as well as the new world record — are in your own hands as the SuperBall multiplies points earned based on how efficient you are during each session.

Zepi:Classic HD (AppStore Link)
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Zepi:Classic HD
Developer: Viacheslav Iushchenko
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Zepi:Classic HD has simple and exciting gameplay, high quality graphics, nice sound effects, user-friendly interface, an easily navigable menu, power-ups, achievements, and Game Center support. Zepi fans can quit a game whenever they wish and resume it from the main menu at any time.

Zepi is the reaction-based app designed to test both users wits and reflexes and offer them a great source of excitement and fresh cool things. The players' mission is to tap/slide skins of the same color to link them into a single string that flashes and blows up as soon as the iPad fan makes a pause. More objects move in quickly onto the screen to replace the burst ones.

Zepi Gameplay Video

Simple as it may seem at first glance, the gameplay requires some practice and intuition to figure out the most efficient strategy for scoring high points and achievements. The longer you play the more intense the action gets. Eventually, you'll find yourself tapping the screen of your beloved device fiercely to cope with the flood of bright bubbles/orbs. The more skins there are in your chain the more points you earn for your total. Chances are great to boost your current score with special power-ups and unique achievement.

While Zepi doesn't offer varying difficulties or some sort of unlockable succession of levels, the app is strangely addictive and able to keep you hooked. Improving your high score is the main focus of the game, which makes it perfect to kill a few minutes here and there and remove the stress of the routine. iPhone/iPod touch series includes Zepi:Classic, Zepi:Ultra, Zepi:Spring, Zepi:Dark, Zepi:Pirates, Zepi:War, Zepi:Kids, Zepi:Free.

Zepi: Classic HD Features:

⇒ Simple and exiting gameplay both for children and adults
⇒ Much space for improving the playing style as well as strategy
⇒ Beautiful graphics and sound effects
⇒ Choice of graphic modes
⇒ Simple-to-use menu and controls
⇒ Detailed How To
⇒ You can either tap or slide your finger to make chains
⇒ Points for each chain are displayed right away
⇒ Multitouch function: now you can make several chains at once
⇒ Special bonuses for long chains (Good!Great!Excellent!Brilliant!)
⇒ Terrific SuperBall power-up to help you score more points
⇒ Thirty (30) unique achievements
⇒ Game Center included for Leaderboards and Achievements

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