Sweat Inc. Launches First Fitness Lifestyle Organizational App

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Sweat Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Sweat 1.0.1, its first iPhone fitness app. The free Sweat App is a unique social tool designed to plan, organize, communicate, engage, and share, workout plans/classes using a hyperlocal strategy.

In the "Explore" tab, users search for fitness events (ie: classes, group training sessions, group work outs), people, and groups in their area using our geolocation services. This function enables the user to search globally, within 50 miles, 5 miles, 2 miles, or 1/2 mile. Users may narrow their search to specific activities, ie: yoga. This tool allows fitness enthusiasts to find workouts no matter where they travel.

The "follow" feature allows users to track fitness friends and view a live feed of their workout plans. This aims to encourage group exercise and socializing the fitness experience. The "Feed" tab shows the person, activity, location, and specifics of the workout.

Any user, including larger gyms, groups, and studios; can input data to schedule future events. When creating an event, the admin may add a touch of personality by uploading a photo.

"As a company comprised of multisport athletes, we are excited to begin out venture into the fitness world. We're here to revolutionize fitness lifestyles across the country starting in New York City and Miami," said CEO Alan Benenson.

Sweat kickstarted its launch campaign at the 2012 International Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando, Florida. The app is now populated with every official Zumba class across the United States. In the upcoming weeks, Sweat aims to acquire a variety of calendars from gyms, studios, and clubs.

Sweat 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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