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SwipeVideo (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Matthew Slipper
Price: free Download on the App Store

Matthew Slipper, a freelance iOS application developer, has launched the first version of his simple video sharing application SwipeVideo on the Apple App Store. SwipeVideo empowers users to record and share videos with multiple social networks and online services with a simple and quick swipe gesture.

Sharing videos using SwipeVideo is easy. Users record a video (or choose one from their camera roll) on the first screen, then enter whatever information they want about the video on the next screen. Then, users are presented with a thumbnail of the video which they can then 'swipe' to the social networks of their choice. The app focuses on speed and simplicity by using intuitive gestures rather than taps.

"Taps are just the iPhone equivalent of clicks," said Slipper. "Gestures are far more intuitive. SwipeVideo lets users share their videos without tapping through endless menus or entering the same information over and over again." SwipeVideo currently supports sharing videos with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter via yfrog. Integration with other services is planned for later releases.

Key Features:
- Simple, intuitive swipe-to-share interface
- Integration with Facebook, YouTube, and yfrog
- Designed for quick and easy sharing - no video metadata required
- Elegant video recording interface
- Saves all videos to the device's Camera Roll

SwipeVideo version 1.0 is $0.99 USD and available exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

via PR Mac

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