Talking Zack the Zombie Comes Back from the Dead to iOS

Talking Zack the Zombie (AppStore Link)
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Talking Zack the Zombie
Developer: Sprite Labs
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

The second in a series of 3D-interactive character apps, "Talking Zack, the Zombie", is now available from Sprite Labs in the App Store as a Universal App.

Zack, the Zombie is back from the dead, just in time for Halloween. He repeats what users say in his dark voice and interacts with users for hours of entertaining fun and scares. He not only scares but can dance too. Tapping his feet makes him dance to a tune in colorful disco lights. He fights back when hit on his hand, and growls and even gets his eyes popped out when punched. He doesnt like bats and gets scared himself when bats fly by over him.

Users can talk to Zack and record him talking back in his dark scary voice and share on Facebook or send via email, perfect for leaving Halloween messages for their friends.

"Talking Zack, the Zombie", like "Talking Anya", is a real time 3D interactive character animation as opposed to sprite based animation that other similar apps are based on. This provides superior functionality, like interactive game play and on-the-fly dynamic modifications to the character which a pre-generated sprite based technology cannot support.

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