Talkzilla Brings Virtual Pet Fun to Worldwide Calling

Talkzilla: Smashing Rates for International Calls (AppStore Link)
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Talkzilla: Smashing Rates for International Calls
Developer: Nobel Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

International calling collides with adorable virtual pet fun Talkzilla for the iPhone and Android. Talkzilla is an addictively entertaining and original VoIP app: users must raise their Talkzilla from baby to monster by making international calls, referring friends, and completing achievements. Talkzilla even guarantees reliable service by providing a toll free access number when Wi-Fi or 3G access is unavailable, allowing users to make calls for the lowest rates available regardless of internet connection.

Talkzilla is smashing calling rates by disrupting traditional prepaid calling card and VoIP models, offering convenient, reliable, and inexpensive global rates within a simple and original app. Users begin with a few cookies and a Talkzilla baby, which they must raise through 5 levels of maturity by feeding it more cookies to earn awesome benefits. While users can receive cookies at a rate of 10 cookies/ $1 calling credit, they can also earn cookies for referring friends and for each achievement completed within the app. The more cookies Talkzilla eats, the more he levels up, and the more discounts are won. Those who grow their Talkzilla to a Monster will unlock a permanent 10% discount on all orders placed. Users who refer friends receive a $2 calling credit and 30 cookies when a referred friend places their first order and callers can even compete against friends to see whose Talkzilla grows the fastest.

"Talkzilla is an app unlike any other," states Thomas Knobel, Chairman & CEO of Nobel. "The market for VoIP apps is full of products that are unfriendly towards the common consumer. We worked to create a simple VoIP app that not only offers the lowest calling rates available, but also incorporates a completely unique and fun spin. We're excited for the release of Talkzilla and can't wait for our users to begin raising their monsters!"

Talkzilla Features:
* Unbeatable low rates, worldwide
* 24/7 In-app customer support
* Toll free access number when Wi-Fi or 3G access is unavailable
* Have fun interacting with the Talkzilla pet by feeding him and earn higher discounts as Talkzilla grows
* Challenge friends to see whose Talkzilla monster grows faster
* Get rewarded for Achievements accomplished within the app

Talkzilla for the iPhone is available on the App Store for free.

Talkzilla for Android is available on Google Play for free.

Talkzilla 1.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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