tap2focus from Caal Studio Lets Users Take Refocusable Photos

tap2focus (AppStore Link)
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Developer: Caal Studio Limited
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners who want a way to take refocusable photos and create extraordinary, unique and unforgettable visuals that tell a different story with every tap, can now download the innovative new app tap2focus from Caal Studio.

"A single photo does not tell the complete story," commented Chan Paey-Lun of Caal Studio. "And now with tap2focus, users can re-focus their photos, and tell a different story with each tap. It's a whole new way to experience photography and photo editing - and it's so easy to use!"

tap2focus essentially turns a user's device into a light field camera, which enables them to take refocusable photos, and then simply tap to refocus them later on. Users can make their refocusable photos viewable by anyone with a web browser, or share the amazing creations with friends on Facebook and Twitter or through email. 

Other key tap2focus features include:

  • The option to tap as many focus points as desired in a single photo
  • Both automatic and manual shoot modes (ideal for difficult and complex photos)
  • A variety of cool F/X filters to enhance each photo and make them unique
  • The ability to backup photos as file attachments, which can then be emailed or sent to iTunes

Users who want to transform their device's camera so they can produce extraordinary, unique and unforgettable photos and visuals that tell a different story with every tap, can download tap2focus now from the App Store.

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