Tapptil Studio releases Learn the words: Animals

Learn the words: Animals (AppStore Link)
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Learn the words: Animals
Developer: Iulian Dima
Price: free Download on the App Store

Tapptil, a mobile app development company, is pleased to announce the release of their new app, Learn the words: Animals. This educational app is the perfect way for children to learn the spelling and writing of animal names.

Learn the Words: Animals is developed under the educational concept of 'learning by doing' with the purpose to encouraging a creative play. Containing original illustrations designed in-house specially for it, the app includes two sets of animals, both Savannah and Farm, starting with a total of 20 animals (and more to follow) that will keep the kids busy while learning and having fun!

The App is designed with a variety of options that are enable you to adjust the difficulty level to match the abilities of your younger or older kids.

Learn the words: Animals helps children:

- develop fine motor skills
- develop artistic values
- learn the name of animals
- learn to recognize and match letters
- learn the names of letters

Learn the Words: Animals features small caps or big caps words; random order or from easy to hard; engaging music and sound effects; 20 artistic illustrations and smooth animations.

via PR Mac

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