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Teacher's Pet: To-do Lists with Context (AppStore Link)
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Teacher's Pet: To-do Lists with Context
Developer: Tinkertanker
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Tinkertanker Pte. Ltd. today is thrilled to introduce Teacher's Pet, a contextual task list and reminders app for the iPhone. The app, carefully designed to help educators do their jobs more effectively, knows all about context for teachers -- what classes they're in, which students they're teaching, when their next classes are - and using this context, helps teachers act quickly and remember effortlessly.

Teacher's Pet is a tool to address familiar classroom scenarios: (a) a student misbehaves in class, but after a quick telling-off, the teacher never follows up again; (b) some students didn't bring their homework, and the teacher has to note these down on a scrap of paper, and hopefully she'll remember to ask for them next lesson; (c) two students helped carry a teacher's books to class, but he never quite got around to taking down their names to write a commendation to their class teacher.

Teachers know that being able to track and act on student behavior, effectively and in a timely manner, helps them do their jobs better. Before, teachers have had to rely on pen and paper or generic note-taking apps to take such notes. Now with Teacher's Pet, an app purpose-built to help make this process easier, teachers will be encouraged to do more note-taking on student behavior, while also being reminded to act on these tasks at the right time.

* Quick, contextual data entry: Teacher's Pet always knows what class to bring up, so teachers are only a few taps away from taking notes on their students
* Timely reminder notifications: Teacher's Pet will send reminders when they usually matter: at the next class, the next day, or at any custom time
* Simple and fluid setup: Enter classes, schedule, and students with ease
* Multiple classes and timeslots: Set up as many classes or student groups as necessary, with flexible scheduling options
* To-dos at a glance: See what tasks are past due, coming up today, and scheduled for the future
* Favorites: Teachers with students who always need reminding about homework can set up 'favorites' with pre-filled fields, and create tasks for these students in two taps
* Elegant interface: Color-coded classes in a visually pleasing UI to help teachers keep focused on their tasks

Teacher's Pet 1.0 is available at $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category.

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