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Beflower Valentine's Day Edition (AppStore Link)
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Beflower Valentine's Day Edition
Developer: Radu Oprea
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Cakebreak today is proud to announce the release of Beflower Valentine's Edition for iOS. Beflower is the iOS app that wants to move the flower symbol into the digital world by allowing you to arrange and send virtual flower bouquets on Facebook.

"We, humans, have always felt the need to express our feelings and technology changes how we do this. As we show each other that we care by sending plain pictures of common flowers found on the Internet, Beflower replaces this with the actual sensation of arranging your own bouquet." said Radu Oprea, co-founder at Cakebreak.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and expressing your feelings on Facebook might be the new norm, but a simple message won't cut it anymore. Beflower sends your message next to the bouquet you arranged yourself, adding a very personal touch. This update offers users pre-arranged bouquets for when they feel uninspired and a faster way to add flowers to their bouquets.

"As we absolutely love giving flowers to our girls, we wished we could do this in a much simpler way as teens. When you are young, small gestures can make your girlfriend's day. Unfortunately you can't afford them everyday." remembers Radu of how Beflower came to be.

Beflower Valentine's Edition main features:
* Arrange and send bouquets directly from your iOS device - Friends receive them inside the Beflower Facebook/iOS App
* Choose one of the seven freshly-made bouquets of flowers, ready to steal a smile
* Choose the flowers based on their looks, on the occasion you need them for or on their meanings
* Customise the bouquet to your liking - arrange flowers, change the background and the ribbon
* Always say 'Happy Birthday' on time with the Birthday Reminders

Beflower Valentine's Edition 2.3 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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