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Temple Raider
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You are a fan of the old adventure movie characters like Allan Quatermain, Indiana Jones or Ben Gates from National Treasure? You will most likely enjoy Temple Raider. The game takes you to old forgotten crypts in search of ancient artefacts and treasures. The gameplay presents a comparatively novel and unexploited idea on the App Store of a first person 3D maze presented by a unique story in four Worlds - Mayan Temples, Egyptian Pyramids, Catacombs and Celtic Chambers.

Narrative, though not entirely comprehensive, provides story based on the most popular theories concerning those lost civilizations as well as some not proven historically hypotheses which leave big spaces for the imagination of the player. The medieval levels present some paranormal legends about haunted castles while the Celtic Chambers world is developing a story based entirely on folklore legends.

The game has no urgency and there is no real way to die or lose any of the collected items. Even if you bump into a poisonous spider, snake or are struck by an ancient curse, you are just placed at the entrance but all things you previously found are still in your possession and all you have to do is find a way around that threat or disable it.

Temple Raider sells for $2.99 (USD) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Adventure Games category.

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