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Developer: TENideas, LLC
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TENideas, LLC today is pleased to announce the release of TENideas 1.01, an update to their popular productivity app for iOS devices. Beautifully designed and easy to use, TENideas provides users with a simple three-step system to generate, organize and act on their own ideas. Developed by former Creative Director, Patty Cara, TENideas uses her skills as a professional idea generator to make innovation part of the user's daily routine.

According to Cara, "It has never been more important to tap into your inner entrepreneur. Innovation is expected of everybody. TENideas gives users a way to effectively develop or improve this skill." She adds that focusing on tasks and to-dos alone is no longer enough. "To achieve real success, you need to focus on your ideas."

TENideas is perfect for anyone who has an idea to nurture and act on, including:
* Entrepreneurs coming up with side projects
* Inventors creating their next patent
* Professionals seeking to invigorate their careers
* Artists capturing creative inspiration
* Writers saving ideas for blogs, essays or stories
* Teachers thinking up ways to inspire students
* Executives developing new products or processes
* Homemakers planning memorable get* togethers
* Parents seeking new ways to entertain their kids
* Anyone wanting to bring a new idea to life

The app uses the following three-step system:
* In startingTEN mode, users enter their first ten ideas. This area contains tips and techniques to generate ideas
* Next, users move into TENideas mode. This is where they categorize and archive or advance each idea
* FIREstarter mode is where users act on their best ideas

Like nearly any skill, the folks behind TENideas believe innovative thinking can be improved with time, attention and practices. " For nearly twenty years, I came up with ideas every day for a living. Then I lost my job and the real fun started. Spending just a few minutes every day using TENideas really can change your life," says Cara. "Since I've been using this system, I wake up every morning excited to work on my ideas. We want all TENideas users to feel the same way by powering their possibilities with ideas."

TENideas 1.01 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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