Tharle Games Announce the Release of Candy Crack 1.0 for iPhone and iPad

Candy Crack HD (AppStore Link)
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Candy Crack HD
Developer: Tharle Games Private Limited
Price: free Download on the App Store

Tharle Games is pleased to introduce iOS gamers to Candy Crack 1.0 a funny and cute running game, with amazing and challenging gameplay. Candy Crack is another running game with scenes of soft graphics and cartoonish background you'll also encounter different kinds of obstacles and lots of lots of candies to grab and jump over it.

Candy Crack is available for iPad and iPhone both on App Store. The game posses an unlimited level, the more you are into the game the urge of scoring high will bound you with game for longer period.

Candy Crack HD brings you the joy of catching and running behind those who tries to bug you on you're peace full sunny day. Aim of the game Candy Crack HD is to run and catch the gorilla as soon as possible. Ahh! but it's not easy as it seems gorilla can run faster than you but no worries collect gifts and candies to boost you're stamina and keep running to catch him. You are playing as a fat panda who loves to have candies and sweets but put on some weight so run slower.

Watch and play this awesome running and jumping game Candy Crack HD through the obstacles. The game play implies never ending level and challenge player to make high score. It's not easy to catch that gorilla while running and keeping you're stamina bar filled. You may find hurdles like balloons and candy shops where you need to avoid or jump over them or if you got yourself into them then you'll be stopped and gorilla will get away.

Collect pastries, candy and candy sticks to keep fill the stamina bar they will also add up to score as bonus points. You'll have two power ups Invisibility and magnet. if panda is invisible you can dash and breakdown the obstacles for a short period of time. Whereas Magnet will lure all the collectible items towards you.

Candy Crack 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. A free HD version is also available.

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