Tharle Games Announce the Release of Gravity Fall HD 1.0 for iPad

Gravity Fall HD (AppStore Link)
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Gravity Fall HD
Developer: Basavaraj Pujar
Price: free Download on the App Store

Tharle Games is pleased to introduce iOS gamer with their new and first gravity based running game Gravity Fall HD 1.0, with amazing and challenging game-play. Gravity Fall HD is a running game with scenes of comic graphics and amazing backgrounds. Players will also encounter different kinds of obstacles to jump over.

Gravity Fall HD is available for iPad on App Store. The game posses an unlimited level, the more you are into the game the urge of scoring high will bound you with game for longer period.

We have brought you something that defies the laws of physics. Next time, if you're professor teaches you laws of Gravity, show him the Gravity Fall. An epic, running game with a twist of gravity shifter.

It's time to once again, race against the clock in a place, far away from you're home planet. Gravity falls implies of running through leaps of caves and an alien scout pined on you're tail to catch you and take you for the death.

To play game flawlessly you must improve you're gravity shifting ability at will, that will defies other hurdles or obstacles on you're way.

The game is cool intuitive game-play and loaded with great graphics and sound you might have played similar game previously but, still this game will manage to get you're interest and entertainment.

Re-Spawn the player with the diamonds collected in the game or purchased inside the app.

Gravity Fall HD 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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