The AppZapp Infographic Shows Price Reductions for Paid Apps!

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For many years, AppZapp has been the best deal saver for all app lovers. Every day, the information service shows which iPhone and iPad apps are new in the App Store, which of them are currently reduced in price, and which are offered completely free of charge for a short period of time.

Sascha Brenk, CEO of ConIT AG: "AppZapp finds hundreds of discounts every day, which is why we decided to evaluate these numbers statistically. We wanted to know what the average time is till the price of apps drop, or become entirely free. Our evaluation was very suprising. We were able to establish many credible statements. In conclusion, it is worth waiting to purchace an app, because in most cases the price will be reduced significantly sooner or later."

The results of the evaluation have now been merged in a simple infographic. Here are all the key points at glance:

* 40 percent of all paid apps for the iPhone and the iPad will be reduced in price sooner or later. At some point 60 percent of these apps will even be completely free.

* The price of games falls the fastest. After only 83 days of their first publication, the games will be on sale. The photo and video apps take an average of 85 days for the price to sink, while the Weather apps take 93 days.

* The navigation apps take an exceptionally long time to be reduced in price. It takes an average of up to 177 days, until the price of a new app is lowered. The travel apps take 156 days and the reference apps 141.

The most popular apps in the App Store are games. Our conclusions here are the following:
* 2 out of 3 games apps are paid apps
* 9 out of 10 games will have a price reduction
* Every fourth Pay game will eventually be offered free of charge
* In the popular development studios, up to 100 percent of the games will be reduced in price or offered free of charge at some point

The infographic can be made public by the press and blogs, and is free of charge. Please place a source note with link: "Infographic of AppZapp,".

AppZap 4.6.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the News category.

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