Armodilo iPad Kiosk Announces Matching Banner Stand for Better Marketing Displays


“The beauty of the new banner stand is that it easily integrates into our existing iPad kiosk and when not in use disassembles and packs neatly away into the optional carrying case that already holds your Armodilo Display Stand.”, says Iles Guran, Founder and President. “It's another way we're making our premium iPad kiosk even more versatile and highly portable for our clients.”

The banner stand, like the Armodilo Display Stand, is made entirely of lightweight aluminum, which is anodized black for a sharp look. The all aluminum construction keeps the weight of the banner stand low while maintaining the the high-end quality and strength that has become synonymous with the Armodilo lineup. The banner stand quickly assembles and attaches to the base-plates of the Armodilo to give enhanced branding options that can easily be changed from show to show. Simply add a 14" x 54" vinyl banner with four corner grommets to upgrade the visual prominence of the stylish tablet display stand.

“The flexibility and ease of use of the new banner stand is an exciting addition to our premium product lineup, giving our clients even more stylish ways to integrate tablet device functionality at trade shows, exhibits and events”, says Guran. “Our multi-tablet kiosk gives clients a highly versatile platform to display digital information, collect leads and run surveys.”

With it's patent pending 3-in-1 configurations right out of the box, Tablet Fit Kits™ that can easily be swapped out to support a variety of tablet devices (not just iPads) and its lightweight portability; Armodilo is the perfect trade show companion.

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