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The Categories Game Free
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55 Venture LLC, a burgeoning mobile applications and games developer, is excited today to announce the launch of The Categories Game 1.5.1 onto the App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, this social trivia game gets players together for fun mentally engaging turn-based entertainment as they pick opponents, choose trivia categories, and do their best to outthink one another. The challenge is simple: each question tasks users with correctly guessing a word based on its first letter, once they guess it, their opponents turn to try and keep up! The game boasts dozens of word categories to choose from, thousands of words to unmask, and features a turn-based structure that lets users play as many games as they want to at once at their leisure. The Categories Game Free is currently available for download on the App Store in the Free Puzzle Games category.

In the spirit of other purely social gaming experiences such as Words with Friends, The Categories Game focuses on encouraging friends and strangers alike to connect and engage with each other via innovative puzzle action. Connecting either with a dedicated app account or through Facebook, players are free to find opponents by username, email address, Facebook account, or at random and start up new games with up to two other players at once. There are seventeen eclectic word categories to start games under, ranging everywhere from Basketball Teams and Car Brands, to Elements, Vegetables, and Countries among many others. Categories range from Easy and Medium to Hard, and won coins can be cashed in to unlock even more category types. To boot, users can unlock 20+ additional categories to play within instantly via in-app purchase as well.

A complete mobile portal for both casual gamers and word game lovers alike The Categories Game Free offers players something new every time they play, ensuring that they never experience the hassle of repeat words or poorly conceived and uninspired puzzles. Furthermore, the coins users rack up by answering puzzles correctly can be used to buy game lives as well as categories to give the more leeway during matches as well. Whether it's naming that certain TV Show that starts with an "S" or coming up with the title of that Movie that starts with a "P", there's guaranteed to be no shortage of brain busting entertainment with friends and strangers alike on iOS courtesy of The Categories Game Free.

The Categories Game Free 1.5.1 is free and available for download on the App Store in the Free Puzzle Games category.

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