The Charm of Real Board Games is back with Keywests Game Puzzle Words

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Game Development Division of Keywest Brings Back the Charm of Real Board Games with their Just Released Word Game, 'Puzzle Words'. A unique word game named 'Puzzle Words' has just been released by the mobile development section of Keywest. This amazing game offers an excellent combination of 15 puzzle and word collecting game to provide the thrills of a fast paced, and competitive gaming experience.

The online gaming community around the world is abuzz with the recent release of 'Puzzle Words', an exciting word game, developed by the game development division of Keywest. This game is the first of its kind and is an exhilarating mix of a word collecting game and a 15 puzzle. 'The Puzzle' has been developed with the utmost care to recreate the feeling of playing a real board game. All the elements of the game have been developed accordingly, to provide an experience of real materials with the help of top class graphics and sound.

Playing the game involves sliding letters to make the longest possible words. Interestingly, there can be no loser in 'Puzzle Words'. The objective of the players is to get through different obstacles to compete with previous records created by different other players. There are many word games available these days for the gaming pleasure of the gamers. However, none of them compares to the hours of pure word collecting fun provided by opening the magic box. The unique mix of two gaming genres, real world entourage, and cool graphics and sound would surely make this a favorite game for people who love word games.

Talking about their latest development, a senior spokesperson from Keywest said, "We have tried to develop a game that is different from thousands of word games available all over the web. We are extremely happy about the release of the game, and expect this new game to gain popularity amongst gamers". The reaction from word game addicts around the world certainly indicates a bright future ahead of 'Puzzle Words'. Dominic, an avid online gamer from Arizona was all praise when asked about his views on the game. He says, "This is the best word game I have ever played. This really feels like playing a real board game".

Puzzle Words 1.01 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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