The Childrens Bibles app releases today with +200 Illustrated Titles

The Children's Bibles - More Than 175 Beloved Bibles for Kids (AppStore Link)
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The Children's Bibles - More Than 175 Beloved Bibles for Kids
Developer: Scandinavia A/S
Price: free Download on the App Store

Scandinavia Publishing House is proud to present the largest collection of beautifully illustrated children's bibles available in one app. The Children's Bibles 3.0.3, which was released today. Two new series were added in 3.0 and it now contains 8 unique bible series for kids aged 0 and up, with more than 200 individual bible titles. To help us reach our goal of bringing "Good News to Kids" and to celebrate this version, we are lowering our prices with up to 60% on 6 series.

The included series have already sold 8 million copies in printed form in more than 110 languages and are still reprinting 300.000 to 600.000 copies each year. Our children's bibles appeal to children and parents around the world aiming to break barriers of language and culture in Bringing Good News to Kids.

Every book has been narrated by our user's favorite, Christopher Glyn, and two series come with free video animations of each book. With the additional feature of recording your own voice for each page, every child can be inspired through these great biblical stories.

* 5 free books and 3 free previews
* Every book is narrated
* 68 books comes with a free animated movie
* Universal app for iPhone and iPad
* Works offline for family trips and Sunday Schools

The Children's Bibles 3.0.3 is free of charge, including 5 free books, and available worldwide through the App Store in the books category. Premium content is available as an in-app purchase, and is priced from $0.99 USD (or equivalent in other currencies).

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