The Future of Sudoku: Worlds First Multiplayer Casino-Style App

SudokuPDQ - Casino Style Multiplayer Number Puzzle Game (AppStore Link)
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SudokuPDQ - Casino Style Multiplayer Number Puzzle Game
Developer: SudokuPDQ LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Revolutionary tablet app SudokuPDQ(TM) 1.1 has taken a popular game enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people internationally and turned it into an ultra fast-paced, high-stakes, competitive game that can be played against multiple opponents in different locations. Newly launched and the first of its kind, SudokuPDQ transforms a solitary, global gaming phenomenon into an ultra-social, skill-based adrenaline rush for iPad and Android(TM) tablet users.

SudokuPDQ - the "PDQ" standing for "Pretty Darn Quick" - is a race against the clock to solve one square of a traditional 99 sudoku grid in the fastest time possible. Each game consists of five 20-second speed rounds, with a brand new, challenging puzzle presented for each round.

App creator and TV writer/producer Bill Biggar designed the game to feel at home in a casino environment. "I almost called the game 'Su-doker,' since SudokuPDQ is essentially a mash-up of sudoku and high-stakes poker."

"We've created an environment for Sudoku enthusiasts to stoke their competitive fire," Biggar said. "We find that people can't put the game down because the competition sparks such fierce rivalries. Play it and you'll see that it doesn't get easier, you just get better."

Yet Biggar says the game is not just for Sudoku players. "Some of the better players in our focus groups don't consider themselves to be numbers people, and have never folded a newspaper in four to sit down and fill in an entire puzzle."

SudokuPDQ brings people together to compete and play with players around the world. For those interested in an individual experience or who want to hone their skills, SudokuPDQ also includes a solo mode that tracks high scores and allows users to play against the clock.

SudokuPDQ 1.1 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. It is also available for 10" or larger Android tablets on Google Play.

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