The Gates of Hell Have Opened: G.O.D [God of Defence] Launches for iOS

G.O.D [God of Defence] (AppStore Link)
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G.O.D [God of Defence]
Developer: MGAME Corp
Price: free Download on the App Store

MGame Mobile's new entry into the iTunes App Store is a unique defense-oriented game that hopes to entice fans with its creative design and non-stop action.

In G.O.D.: God of Defence, players will protect their fortress from legions of undead skeleton warriors. While traditional defense games typically employ a home army as the defending force, players of G.O.D. will be literally "playing god" against the opposing force. Rather than focusing their defense strategy on combat units, they will build up the skills and strengths of one ultimately powerful character.

- Develop your personal God of Defence by obtaining and upgrading three special elemental skills: fire, plasma, and ice
- Master special attacks to devastate the enemy
- Prove your deadly skills against 26 types of enemy, each with their own special attributes
- Become the ultimate God of Defence with 12 different achievements
- Track your success by comparing your wins to other players around the world

The game's aesthetics and control system are designed specifically to enhance this aspect of G.O.D.: God of Defence. As waves of the undead march toward the player's fortress, the player will use the tilt function to survey the battlefield and conduct horizontal maneuvers. To give the player-character a more deified feel, the player views the field of combat from a first-person perspective, with the hand of the "god of defense" functioning as the player's weapon.

Aside from the action-packed combat sequences each stage presents, players of G.O.D. will have the opportunity to enhance god's abilities by purchasing items, new skills, and upgrades using the in-game currency acquired through gameplay. In-app purchases will allow gamers to fast-forward the process of building their own epic warrior defense-god.

Networked gameplay, RPG-style skill development, and tower-defense inspired combat combine to give iOS gamers a completely original battlefield gaming experience. Not only can game lovers play G.O.D. on the battlefield, but they can do it for free: G.O.D.: God of Defence can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store for free.

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