The Magic of Mastermind comes to iOS with Elite Mastermind

Elite Mastermind - Code Breaking Board Game (AppStore Link)
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Elite Mastermind - Code Breaking Board Game
Developer: Mohammad Jeragh
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

LanternTech, a burgeoning mobile games and applications developer, is excited today to announce the launch of Elite Mastermind 1.1 onto the App Store. Available across all iOS devices and newly optimized for the iPad Air and iPhone 5S, this eloquently simple yet highly addictive game offers players the classic thrill of Mastermind right at their fingertips from anywhere! Featuring both single play as well as live multiplayer modes, this game brings digital gaming back down to brass tacks and the result is all-out straight forward fun!

The game of Mastermind has been around for ages, but its never been available to tech savvy gamers quite like this. The aim of the game is simple - guess the colors and positions of four pegs through strategic trial and error. Players have eight rows to find the right assortment, or else its game over! Boasting enhanced controls that give users added options to control in-game pegs via gesture controls and a handy disabling function, Elite Mastermind comes with no unneeded frills, nor any hidden fees. With Elite Mastermind what you see and play is what you get, and thats more than enough!

While sound deductive thinking and logic are key to succeeding in Elite Mastermind, getting started is as easy as selecting either single player or multiplayer modes and getting gaming! The game is also accessible to complete novices courtesy of an clear, in-depth tutorial too. Meanwhile, playing live against opponents is a breeze both with friends via Bluetooth and against gamers all over the globe via Wi-Fi too! Boasting vibrant graphics, intuitive intuitive yet timeless gameplay, and the freedom of 'instant start-up' gaming without having to create an account or even log into Game Center, Elite Mastermind is poised to become a hit with casual mobile gaming enthusiasts ready for ad game experience that's as easy to jump into as it is mentally engaging!

Elite Mastermind 1.1 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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