Tick Baits Universe Offers Earths Inhabitants A Fascinating Odyssey

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Tick Bait's Universe
Developer: Marc Gamble
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

As Tick Bait the dog lies scratching in her backyard, the scientific wonders of the universe seem a million miles away. In fact, as readers from 7 to 70 will discover, the observable universe starts 50 billion light-years away - from there readers can travel all the way down to see elementary particles inside of atoms. This is Tick Bait's Universe, a charming, interactive and engaging iPad app that explores the really, really large and the very, very small.

Allowing accessible discovery of the the vast distances in the universe, readers can navigate through over 40 zoom levels of magnitude to discover answers to questions including: How large is the solar system?, What is bigger than a spiral galaxy?" and "What microscopic things live on us?", "What is inside an atom?". Young and old alike will be fascinated by the wonders contained within this odyssey, all clearly presented in a fun, yet incredibly detailed interactive guide.

In addition to discovering the scale of objects in the universe and their own place within it, curious minds can be challenged with a vast variety of questions and discover even more with specific notes and diagrams explaining the facts and figures behind each answer. Gorgeously presented with either picture only portrait orientation or with optional descriptive and fun notes in landscape viewing, Tick Bait's Universe will captivate anyone with a natural curiosity about science.

"Tick Bait's Universe presents everything in the known universe, from the really, really large to the very, very small and makes it easily accessible in the palm of the hand." commented Marc Gamble, founder of You University Apps. "Young and old alike will be fascinated by the sheer scale of possible discoveries in the charming universe of Tick Bait the dog."

Volume discounts are also available for educational institutions via the Apple App Store Volume Purchase Program.

Tick Bait's Universe 1.02 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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