time2words for iOS - Minimalist Text Clock Is Now Donationware

The clock that writes time - time2words (AppStore Link)
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The clock that writes time - time2words
Developer: Modulare Objekte GmbH
Price: free Download on the App Store

HELIOSapps today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of time2words 2.1 for iOS, an update to its minimalistic, multilingual clock that displays the approximate time as text. Now offered as donationware and free forever, time2words can transform any large screen display into video art. Internally accurate to the second, time2words also features orientation in portrait or landscape mode, white letters on a black background or the reverse, and localization for eight languages. A marvelous objet d'art on any iDevice, viewers relax as the staggered text fades from "almost two thirty" to "two thirty" to "just after two thirty." By converting the time into an elegant text read-out, the pace of living decelerates and users are free from the tyranny of the sweep-second hand and digital readout.

Version 2.1 includes several performance optimizations and some adjustments for iOS 7. However, the most striking change is that the app has been converted to "donationware." When users like the app, they are given the opportunity to "tip the developers." These donations will help contribute to the app's further development.

Feature Highlights:
* time2words is now donationware and FREE forever
* Time can be displayed in eight languages: English (American or British), French, Spanish, Italian, German, Bavarian-German, Austrian-German, and Swiss-German
* Two display modes: white on black or black on white, which complements white iDevices perfectly
* Display brightness is adjustable
* Hour gong (can be switched on/off)
* Custom time can be set (convenient while traveling)
* Device's auto-lock feature can be deactivated (so that time2words is permanently switched on)
* Shows the current time with an accuracy of plus/minus two-and-a-half minutes
* Draws the line between day and night at 12:00 noon and 12:00 midnight, respectively - either noon or midnight will light up
* With an iDevice and an Apple TV 2/3 (or a HDMI adapter), you can convert your TV into a stylish clock
* time2words runs as a Universal app on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

time2words succeeds both aesthetically and functionally. Every two-and-a-half minutes, the modern display gracefully changes, and two, three, or four words light up from a permanent collection of 25. time2words will be appreciated by those who love great design and appreciate how inanimate objects in the environment impinge on behavior. Its unexpected, idiomatic method of conveying the time of day has the effect of de-emphasizing the passage of time. Therefore, people are more likely to enjoy one another's company, chat, and decompress with time2words on display.

"With the decision to make time2words 'donationware,' we are trying to explore new ways of generating revenues from our apps," says Jan Schulenberg of HELIOSapps. "In an ever tougher app market, it is not easy to stand out and get new customers to buy your app. On the other hand, just 'giving away' an app certainly is not a solid business model. So we decided to provide all potential new users to download the app free of charge and decide for themselves what the app is worth to them. Here at HELIOSapps, we strongly believe in the quality and value of our apps, and are certain users will as well."

The clock that writes time - time2words 2.10 - is free (forever!) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

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